Blaque Beautique was designed to celebrate black beauty, elevate black businesses, and strengthen our community. It is a one-of-a-kind beauty supply store that provides a superior level of customer service and products carefully sourced from black-owned businesses that are curated to fit the needs of our customers. It’s the place you never knew you needed. 

Our vision is to create a world where Black people feel equally valued and considered in society. As they see themselves reflected in the products we sell, Black people will feel a sense of belonging that will liberate them from the internalized racial oppression that society places on us. Rarely have I walked into a beauty supply store where I felt welcomed and never have I been able to get a product recommendation. Frankly, most of the time, I feel exploited. 

We’re striving to create space where you feel welcomed, are reassured that you are valuable, and know that you belong. Although we target black businesses and celebrate black beauty, our products are for everyone and everyone is always welcome. 

It’s important that we establish our first store in Oakland, California because Oakland deserves better. Per the 2019 Census, Black people are the most common racial group living below the poverty line and earn 37% below the average income in Oakland. The home of so much culture, wealth, beauty, and the Black Panther Party struggles to adequately provide economic opportunity to Black people. Unfortunately, Black poverty and lack of wealth is a common phenomenon across the globe. We're here to change that. With an emphasis on supporting Black businesses, we provide economic opportunity for Black entrepreneurs to come out of poverty and decrease the income gap. Additionally, we hope that supporting Black businesses and helping to increase their success will create a legacy that ultimately reduces the racial wealth gap in America.