Oyin Handmade

Burnt Sugar Humectant Hair Pomades


Oyin Handmade sugar pomades are petroleum-free, sheen-enhancing powerhouses that help shine & seal your hair. Formulated with castor, unrefined hempseed, and broccoli seed oil, these pomades are the perfect final step over a liquid or cream moisturizer in your natural moisture retention regimen. This completely vegan blend of oils, butter, and veggie waxes acts as humectant and protectant for hair, increasing shine to a high glossy sheen, locking in moisture.

Why you need it:

  • available in two delicious scents, burnt sugar and juices, and berries.
  • 100%  non-greasy vegan formula.
  • petroleum-free for breathable pores. 
  • nourishes your scalp and hair strands.
  • helps prevent breakage usage: begin with our hair tonic or hair dew leave-in lotion to add moisture.

Apply a small amount to roots or ends and brush if needed. For extra hold, tie-down with a satin scarf overnight. Store in a cool, dry place.  

Tip: rub between your fingers or palms to soften/liquefy.

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