Säpo Authentic Exfoliating Mesh African Sponge

EXFOLIATING SPONGE OF A LIFETIME  Buff away dead skin cells and remove dry skin while giving your skin an invigorating clean. Exfoliation will never be the same with this African Bath Net, also know as a Sapo or bathing sponge. The unique material is strong enough to give your body a deep clean without being too abrasive. * An excellent exfoliator that cleanses skin by removing dead skin and washing away dirt. * Will not store bacteria unlike your loofahs and washcloths. * Sponge dries quickly due to its porous nature. * Long Bath sponge, African net bath sponge; net bath sponge. * Can be used for 2 years or more  * Washing machine friendly.  Details: Long 14 inches Width x 40 inches Length and can be stretched to 50 inches Material: The material is mesh/nylon

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