Oyin Handmade

Honey Hemp Detangling and Moisturizing Hair Conditioner


The Oyin Handmade cult-favorite conditioner works wonders! Enriched with a powerhouse of ingredients, honey hemp naturally detangles by drenching your hair in pure honey, hemp seed oil, and silk to nourish and replenish, bringing it back to life, while moisturizing every single strand.  Why you need it:

  • rinses easy and detangles like a dream.
  • leaves lasting moisture.
  • works to restore dry hair. 
  • excellent for kinky, coily, curly, and wavy textures

Usage: slather on clean, damp hair. Hum a tune. Detangle, using a wide-tooth comb, paddle brush, or fingers. Rinse well & style as usual, or follow with the hemp deep moisture mask.

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