Facial Beauty Kit

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Upgrade your beauty routine or gift it to a loved one. We've curated a few Minimo products to transform your skin care routine. At minimum, every good beauty routine should include a cleanser, toner, and moisturizer.

Create the perfect package by selecting options from the the Flawless or Glow collections. 

Genesis Sulfate-Free Foaming Facial Cleanser gently cleanses dirt and grime without stripping or disturbing the skin’s natural protective barrier. Ph balanced and formulated with soothing botanicals that hydrate skin and promote a healthy, even skin tone. WORKS GREAT FOR: All skin types, Brightening uneven skin tone, Balancing pH, Calming and hydrating the skin, Purifying pores.

Balance Skin Brightening Toner is a pH-balanced purifying facial toner that deeply cleanses pores by sweeping away excess oil, impurities, and any remaining residue after cleansing or exfoliating. WORKS GREAT FOR: Oily Skin, Brightening uneven skin tone, Balancing pH, Calming and hydrating the skin, Purifying pores.
✨ PERFECT FOR ALL SKIN TYPES: The Balance Toner is formulated for all skin types! The Minimo Balance Toner is our special proprietary blend of botanical extracts that soothe skin while evening out the skin tone. Fragrance and alcohol-free.

Velvet Cleansing Butter Balm is a gentle, skin nourishing, sulfate-free makeup remover and cleaner that is crafted with carefully selected ingredients that deeply and gently purge pores of clingy cosmetics and dirt. WORKS GREAT FOR: Oily Skin, Makeup Removal.

Rose Soothing Toner is a gentle, pH balanced facial toner that deeply cleanses pores with powerful ingredients that help keep acne under control. Naturally fragrant from soothing rose water and alcohol free, Minimo Rose is specially formulated to remove dirt and residue without stripping the skin of natural oils. WORKS GREAT FOR: Sensitive skin, Breakout prone skin, Oily skin, Purifies pores.

Honeydew Hydrating Daily Moisturizer is a lite, non-oily lotion that keeps the skin’s natural oil barrier balanced, while allowing rich botanical extracts and oils to nourish the skin. Our Honeydew Moisturizer contains organic matcha green tea, which is a vitamin rich antioxidant and antibacterial agent that helps fight pore-clogging microbes. This easy absorbing formula contains a specialty blend of fruit botanicals that promote the correction of dark spots on the skin's surface. WORKS GREAT FOR: Dry Skin, Breakout-Prone Skin.

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