Mysteek Naturals

Temporary Hair Color, All Natural Hair Dye


State of the art cream-based product formulated without harsh chemicals, dyes, developers, bleaches, and rinses that may not show up once it is applied. Covers dark and or light hair. Washes out in 1 wash session. Reapply daily to boost the color without fear of hair damage. Mix the colors to get the desired funky unique color you’d like. Does not flake off like chalk nor make your hair hard. CHEMICAL FREE! No harm... Just electric colors!

Mysteek natural hair color comes in 12 bold shades that provide coverage and work great for gray hair. Get the pop of color you want without the flaky effect of other chalky hair products.

EASY TO USE -Apply this cream-based hair color wax without any hassle. Just mix the contents of the jar thoroughly to get optimum intensity. Then, section your hair and softly massage color down the shaft until fully coated.

SAFE FOR KIDS -Mysteek Color Pop hair wax paint does not contain any harsh ingredients like bleach for hair, developers, or hair dye. It doesn't damage hair, so it's safe for adults and kids.

WASHES OFF EASILY - Mysteek hair wax color stays on your hair for 3-5 days, but you can easily wash it off. Reapply it to intensify the hue, or just wash it off when you want a change.

NO DRY OR STICKY FEELING - This temporary hair color wax is cream-based, so it goes smoothly on your hair. Unlike other colored hair wax, it does not leave any dry or sticky feeling.

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